What’s it all about?

We think Kiwis should be in control of their own energy. That’s what the Local Energy Project is all about – giving you access to innovative technology that lets you make energy, see energy and control energy in a way that works for you.

The collaborative project will test, design and develop game-changing digital tools, making use of Genesis Energy’s own Digital Lab.

Half price solar offer!

Together, we can create a positive energy future for New Zealand. We’re looking for South Wairarapa residents and businesses in Martinborough, Featherston and Greytown who are keen to work with us to develop new energy services.

As a special launch offer we are offering a 1.7kW solar panel system with monitoring fully installed for $2,995* – 50% off the standard retail price!

In return, we’ll be asking for your feedback, thoughts and ideas on the future of energy.


Tell us why you’d love to drive an electric vehicle and you could win this awesome prize!

Why South Wairarapa?

We’re starting in the South Wairarapa because it’s a real kiwi community and a great place to start collaborating on some new and exciting energy technologies. We figure that once the rest of New Zealand sees what you can do, they’ll want to be a part of this too.

Sunlight hours annually

Unique towns

How it works

Whether you just want to see where your energy goes, or you’re looking for a complete solar and battery system, there’ll be lots of ways for you to get involved. And we’ll be adding more products and services over time.








The power to power your own home or business. We’ve got a range of solar energy packages that let you generate your very own clean, green energy from the sun.

Reduce your electricity bill

Generate your own energy from the sun

Support a sustainable future


Solar and Monitoring fully installed from


1.7kW system

Payment plan options available.


We want to give you more control over how and when you use energy. To kick this off we’ve got battery storage systems that let you store excess electricity from your solar panels, so you can use it in your home or business when you need it.

Store excess electricity from your solar panels

Use your solar power when you need it

Maximise your solar generation in your home


When you understand how you’re using energy, you can manage it better. We want your help in creating digital tools that help you to monitor and control how you use energy – and get the most out of it.

See where your energy is going

Make an informed decision on your energy use and costs

Learn how to manage your energy

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*All quoted prices include GST. For a standard string inverter and monitoring installation in the
South Wairarapa region. Excludes additional electrical works. Solar and Monitoring will be installed as
part of this package. Additional meter changeover/installation fees charged by your retailer may
apply. Price valid until 30th April 2017 following which it may be reviewed. Subject to availability.
Installation terms and conditions also apply.